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Another Blog...Really?

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Yes. Because your story matters.

What's the point in starting a blog? Well, if you have a story to tell, one you feel passionate about and one that deserves to be told, put those musings and thoughts out there, friends.

Recently I was speaking with a business owner who wondered how to best position himself and his expertise in the building industry. In his mind, social media is taboo, and he doesn't trust traditional media. Yet, his experience, ideas, in-depth research, industry data analysis and proven concepts to help homeowners save bundles of money - and time - are impressive.

From a strategic standpoint, what if he were to bundle his knowledge and know-how into a blog that would live on his website? Here, on this tiny strip of the internet, he could curate and develop his owned content, a library of sorts. The articles would be useful, insightful, educational and relevant for today’s homeowners. And, aspirational hero imagery would showcase previous home remodels, building projects, and those underway.

Crafting this online thought-leadership hub filled with valuable insights could evolve into a top destination for current customers, partners and prospective clients. And, his resourceful and relevant blog could help position him and his expertise.

A few other top blog benefits...

  • Boost website traffic & SEO;

  • Establish your own voice and expand your online presence;

  • Blogging helps build trust with our audience;

  • Use your content calendar to your advantage to generate higher traffic and create relevancy around key moments in time - e.g. parade-of-home season, peak remodeling months;

  • Naturally re-purpose all that banked content to e-newsletters, ads, social media, timely info-graphics, etc.;

  • Create authentic relationships with curious readers through chats and conversations, offering yourself as a resource;

  • Invite guest bloggers to chime in - e.g. happy homeowners, trusted vendor partners - and put them in the spotlight. In turn they will share on their sites and social feeds, exponentially expanding reach and sparking awareness;

  • Go big by taking the blog fodder one step further and publish a book based on your experience and expertise.

Investing in your stories now, will pay off down the line - promise! I hope he may take me up on this idea!

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